New hearings on a possible Chicago casino are underway today. Is the mayor's wish for a casino to fund pensions finally close to coming true? Paris Schutz has the latest.

Sites for Presidential Library & More

We share what you had to say about potential sites for the Barack Obama Presidential Library, The Lucas Cultural Arts Museum and a casino when we read some of our viewer feedback. 

Could Chicago soon be home to one of the world’s largest casinos? Read an article.

Sources tell Chicago Tonight that a long-awaited deal on a gaming bill was reached last month -- until a clerical misunderstanding killed it. Paris Schutz has details, and what it says about the current state of dysfunction in Springfield.

Another failed pension deal, increased gambling, and gay marriage. Gov. Pat Quinn goes one-on-one with Carol Marin.

Imagining the Thompson Center as a Casino

The Thompson Center could be transformed into a casino -- and city labor and business leaders are buzzing. An architecture critic weighs in.

The Illinois Senate passes a major gambling expansion bill, but not with enough votes to override a potential veto.