Chicago Restaurants in the Running for Top James Beard Awards

(James Beard Foundation / Facebook)(James Beard Foundation / Facebook)

The James Beard Award nominations were announced Wednesday and provided a much-needed dose of good news for Chicago chefs and restaurants, who were announced as finalists in several top categories.

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The awards will be handed out June 13 during a ceremony to be held at Chicago’s Lyric Opera.

Here are Chicago’s nominees:

Jason Vincent of Giant was named an outstanding chef finalist. The restaurant spread the word on social media: “Two years ago today, the restaurant world as we know it changed forever. Today, we celebrate not only the fact that JV (Jason Vincent) made the short list for Outstanding Chef Award but that our restaurants are still standing. (Thank) you to everyone, both staff and guests, who have supported us over the past five years and thank you to JBF (James Beard Foundation) for honoring the passion that JV brings to the table every day.”

Acknowledging the struggle most restaurants have faced during the pandemic, the Giant team added a plea for support: “Please remember that 2/3 of restaurants and bars in America are on the brink of closure and contact your elected representatives and demand that they replenish the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.”

Parachute, run by Beverly Kim and Johnny Clark, was nominated for outstanding restaurant.

Kasama, in East Ukrainian Village, nabbed a best new restaurant nod. Chefs Genie Kwon and Timothy Flores are the duo behind the bakery and modern Filipino restaurant.

— Maya-Camille Broussard, who’s winning fans on Netflix’s “Bake Squad,” was nominated as outstanding baker for Justice of the Pies.

Nobody’s Darling is in the running for outstanding bar program. Angela Barnes and Renauda Riddle opened the Andersonville bar in 2021.

As usual, Chicagoans dominated the Best Chef Great Lakes category, nabbing four of the five slots:

— Jason Hammel, Lula Cafe: “There are many beautiful people on this list,” Lula Cafe posted to social media. “We are grateful for the community and for all your hard work, imagination, resolve and magic.”

— Noah Sandoval, Oriole

— John Shields and Karen Urie Shields, Smyth.

— Erick Williams, Virtue Restaurant & Bar.

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