Former Blagojevich Aide Bradley Tusk on Politics and the Midterms

Former Illinois Deputy Gov. Bradley Tusk pulls no punches in his new book about his old boss, Rod Blagojevich.

“Rod possessed none of the skills, work ethic, discipline, integrity or focus to perform any real work once he won office,” Tusk writes.

Tusk landed that job at the age of 29. Before that, he ran communications for New York Sen. Chuck Schumer and worked on the campaign of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Tusk is now known as Silicon Valley’s government fixer, helping tech firms like Uber navigate and survive the tough political terrain.

His new book is called, “The Fixer: My Adventures Saving Startups from Death by Politics.”

Tusk joins “Chicago Tonight” in discussion. You can read an excerpt of “The Fixer” here.

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