Anniversary of 1812 Illinois Earthquake Ushers in Preparedness Month

Exactly 205 years ago today, one of the strongest earthquakes ever to strike the central United States shook Illinois and surrounding states.

The epicenter of the quake was near New Madrid, Missouri, in a seismic zone which encompasses three fault lines that run roughly from Cairo, Illinois, to Marked Tree, Arkansas.

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In recognition of the threat, Illinois’ emergency management agency is promoting earthquake preparedness throughout the month of February.

Here to help us understand the risk we face is Seth Stein, the William Deering professor in Earth and planetary sciences at Northwestern University and an expert on earthquakes, seismology and plate tectonics.

Below, a PSA about earthquake preparedness from the Illinois Emergency Management Agency.

Birthday Earthquake IBA PSA-Master from Illinois Broadcasters Assoc. on Vimeo.

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