Lori Lightfoot Weighs in on Police Accountability, State Redistricting

Lori Lightfoot is a busy woman.

She heads the Chicago Police Board and also led the Task Force on Police Accountability, a group created to identify reforms needed in the wake of the shooting of African-American teen Laquan McDonald. She has been outspoken about the need for better police training and more accountability.

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But Lightfoot is also the attorney representing Independent Maps, a group seeking to change the way Illinois draws political boundaries. The effort to put the Independent Maps initiative on the November ballot was rejected last week by the Illinois Supreme Court.

Lightfoot said she was “very disappointed” in the ruling, both as a concerned citizen and as a lawyer representing the group.

But on Wednesday, the group said it was asking the court to reconsider the ruling.

“There were issues that were left on the table that were not addressed by the majority opinion,” Lightfoot said. “We put a very compelling petition for rehearing on the table and I’m hoping the court will consider it.”

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