Alaaulldin Al Ibrahim, center, will attend UIC this fall on a full scholarship to study pre-med. Also pictured: Sarah Quintenz, left, and Joshua Zepeda. (Matt Masterson / WTTW News)

Alaaulldin Al Ibrahim, or “Al” to his friends, was born in Syria, moved to Jordan and eventually resettled as a refugee in Chicago. This fall he’ll attend the University of Illinois at Chicago on a full scholarship to study pre-med.

(WTTW News)

The U.N. says they are the most persecuted ethnic group in the world. As they flee Southeast Asia, Chicago has become home to the largest population of Rohingya Muslims in the U.S.

Roger C. Sullivan High School students from Chicago and around the world will share their stories June 13. The school has the highest number of refugee students of any high school in the city. (Courtesy of Lifeline Theatre)

Students at Roger C. Sullivan High School will share stories of community and identity from local and international perspectives this week, in collaboration with Lifeline Theatre.

Nearly 40 countries are represented at Sullivan High School in Rogers Park. We meet the head of the school’s English language program – and the reporter who recently wrote about the school.