Sting performs at the Ravinia Festival Pavilion as part of his “My Songs Tour.” (Ravinia Festival / Patrick Gipson)

An impeccable set of iconic songs by the 17-time Grammy Award winner before a crowd of 16,000 at the Ravinia Festival suggested why he has remained such an enduring musical artist for more than four decades.

Meeting a Pop Star is Like Meeting Royalty from A Distant Planet

Love him or not, people want to know: what was Sting like? Honestly, I was in King Sting’s galaxy for exactly 14 minutes last Thursday in a room with a lot of other people. If you want a real take on his personality, you should ask someone who’s known him for at least 15 minutes.

Sting talks to us about his riskiest project to date – writing the upcoming musical The Last Ship, inspired by the shipyard in his hometown of Wallsend, England. Read a blog, watch a web extra video, and view a photo gallery.

On Friday, Grammy Award-winning vocalist Sting introduced his new musical, The Last Ship, at Broadway Playhouse in Chicago. The musical, which will open on Broadway in 2014, is a story inspired by Sting’s own childhood experience in a shipyard town in England. Watch Sting perform a song from the musical, view a slideshow, and read a blog about the event.