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Steve Schapiro started out as a freelance photographer in the early 1960s and was on hand for many of the decade's historic moments, whether the 1963 March on Washington or Robert F. Kennedy's presidential run in 1968. The Chicago resident's work appeared in Time, Rolling Stone, Life and other publications.

Steve Schapiro speaks with WTTW News.

He took memorable pictures of Martin Luther King Jr. and traveled with writer James Baldwin. Steve Schapiro talks about what he witnessed in the United States back then — and what he is seeing today.

A pair of new photography exhibitions offer a side of celebrity but focus on one man’s view of the struggle for civil rights.

David with cigarette on a break from filming “The Man Who Fell to Earth” in New Mexico 1975. This became a Rolling Stone cover and a popular image. (Steve Schapiro / powerHouse Books)

On Saturday, photographer Steve Schapiro visits the Ed Paschke Art Center. The 81-year-old Chicago transplant will speak about his new book, “Bowie.”

As a longtime photographer for LIFE magazine, Steve Schapiro traveled with Martin Luther King Jr. and photographed everything from “presidents to poodles.” He tells us about his latest show at the Ed Paschke Art Center.