Voters head to the polls Tuesday to decide Chicago's first mayoral runoff since the city changed to a nonpartisan election system. They'll also decide who will represent 18 wards in the City Council, and some incumbents could be thrown out. We analyze the mayoral and aldermanic races with a panel of political experts.

Our panel of aldermen discuss the latest city government news, , including Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s proposed curfew change and the upcoming mayoral election.

We chat with Rep. Jan Schakowsky and Rep. Mike Quigley about the bipartisan budget deal and what major issues are still on the table in 2014.

Rising tensions within the Chicago City Council bring warnings of a new round of council wars. All at a time when a watchdog group says the city is teetering on the brink of a fiscal crisis. We hear what some aldermen have to say.

Illinois State Capitol Building

Gov. Pat Quinn's "smart grid" veto is overridden. Carol Marin and her panel of lawmakers react to the legislation, and take a look at whether the governor has any political clout left.

Carol Marin

How did the charity run by Mayor Daley’s wife end up getting nearly a million dollars from TIF recipients? Carol Marin talks with Chicago aldermen about that, and how the city plans to collect money owed by city workers.