Illinois lawmakers return to Springfield this week to vote on pension reform. Carol Marin and her guests discuss the deal, and what it would mean for employees. Read the full Conference Committee Report on Senate Bill 1 and details of the proposal.

Legislative leaders officially released their pension plan today. It includes reduced cost of living raises, including years where retirees won’t get any raise, and aims for full funding of the systems by 2044. Read the full proposal.

We break down the state of the Illinois governor’s race and what's happening with pension reform in the state.

The Pension Conference Committee says they will not reach Gov. Pat Quinn's July 9 deadline to come up with reform. Paris Schutz has the latest. Learn more about the 10 members and see how they each voted on recent pension bills.

Gov. Pat Quinn set a July 9 deadline for a pension committee of lawmakers to come up with a compromise. We check in with two of the members to see what the likelihood of comprehensive reform is. See how House and Senate members voted on pension bills.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill Daley offers a three-point plan for pension reform, calling Gov. Pat Quinn out for "failed leadership." Daley is calling on Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to issue an opinion on the constitutionality of pension reform bills. Watch the full news conference.

Springfield’s inability to reform the state’s pension system has all sorts of consequences: for unions, for the markets, and for taxpayers across the state. We discuss the future with some of the key players.

Senate President John Cullerton's version of pension reform passes out of committee. What comes next? We break things down with Chicago Sun-Times Springfield Bureau Chief Dave McKinney.

Sen. Dick Durbin joins us to discuss the bipartisan immigration bill being considered in Congress, and the latest on the Hill.

A new pension reform bill is pending in Springfield and while it has some bi-partisan support, it's facing criticism as well.  We'll hear from some who have objections to the latest plan.

On the last day of the veto session, a new pension bill aimed at mending the state's $96 billion unfunded liability was rolled out. Here to talk about the ins and the outs of the bill are two of its sponsors.

A new bipartisan proposal to tackle Illinois' growing pension crisis was unveiled today. We get the latest from Springfield.

There's more bad news on the state of the city's pension funds. What's being done in Springfield to solve the problem? Carol Marin talks with two legislators, and the author of a new report.

The clock is ticking while a pension reform deal is fading. Paris Schutz has the latest.

Cook County and the City of Chicago launch new websites to shed light on their astronomical pension obligations. Eddie Arruza and his panel look at the struggle to reduce retirement costs at the state and local levels.

Health Care Law

If the Supreme Court finds that the government cannot mandate the purchase of health insurance, would that affect the mandatory Illinois auto insurance law? We have your thoughts in tonight's Viewer Mail.