Trashion Revolution will feature designs made from plastic pollution, like the two pictured above. "I am just blown away by the designs," said Jordan Parker. Photos provided by the designers. (Alan Emerson Hicks, left / Jess Crane, right)

The tax was supposed to discourage the use of plastic bags. Instead, it’s turned into a cash cow for the city. Activists say it’s time to rethink the policy.

Some grocers are nixing the use of reusable shopping bags out of concern for employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Karin Beil / Flickr)
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Grocery stores remain one of the few places in Chicago where large numbers of people are still able to mingle, and that — rightfully — has put both employees and customers on edge.

Push for Plastic Bag Ban Advances

We share what you had to say about City Council members' push to move forward on a plan to ban plastic bags at grocery stores when we read some of our viewer feedback. 

A young girl begs Gov. Pat Quinn to "sack" a controversial bill that would prevent towns from getting rid of plastic bags. Paris Schutz has the story.