The Chicago Plan Commission has OK’d an Obama Library on public parkland.

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan files an amendment that would enact Mayor Rahm Emanuel's new pension reduction plan. The proposal includes a hefty property tax increase while also shrinking pension benefits. Who wins and who loses? 

Chicago aldermen react to Mayor Rahm Emanuel's proposed pension plan as they will have to take the tough vote to raise property taxes. Paris Schutz has the details. Read an article.

A coalition of public employee unions fight back over efforts to reform the state's drastically underfunded pension system. Paris Schutz has more on what they're looking for.

Now that Congressman Paul Ryan has joined the Romney ticket, Ryan's controversial federal budget proposal is coming under intense scrutiny. We look at what that fiscal plan actually contains.

The alderman whose ward includes Wrigley Field puts his foot down on the proposed renovation of Wrigley Field. We have the latest.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel

One-on-One Interview

Mayor Emanuel announces $7 billion for improvements to parks, airports, and mass transit over the next three years. But how will the cash-strapped city pay for it? The mayor goes one-on-one with Paris Schutz.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel © 2011 City of Chicago, photo by Brooke Collins

We take a closer look at Mayor Emanuel’s plan for economic growth with the man behind the World Business Chicago report and a top labor official.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel © 2011 City of Chicago, photo by Brooke Collins

Calling the last 10 years a "lost decade" for Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel -- along with many of the city's powerbrokers -- unveils a sweeping new economic plan for Chicago.

President Obama launches a revamped mortgage relief program; changing a program that many labeled a failure. Eddie Arruza and his panel look at so-called "underwater" homeowners in the Chicago area, and how the new program might help.

President Barack Obama unveils a $3 trillion deficit reduction plan. But can he find a consensus in Congress? Carol Marin talks with two Illinois Congressmen about the proposal and more.