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During the fall and spring equinoxes, the sun rises due east and sets due west, creating an effect dubbed “Chicagohenge.”

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A new exhibition of his photographs at the Wrightwood 659 gallery in Lincoln Park is an evocative look at gay Black men in Chicago during a pivotal decade — and a window into a community that’s often been overlooked and stereotyped.

Photographer Jordan Porter-Woodruff has a new solo exhibition at the Epiphany Arts Center running through Feb. 11, 2023. (WTTW News)

Jordan Porter-Woodruff had created a new collection celebrating her favorite artists. It’s now on display in a solo exhibition at the Epiphany Arts Center, 201 S. Ashland Ave., titled, “Portraits: An Intimate View.”

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Poetry Foundation Creative Director Fred Sasaki says the exhibition grew out of the discovery of a collection of Diana Solis’ photographs and other items abandoned in a basement.

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Some of the earliest snapshots of American history will be on display this weekend at the Daguerrian Society's annual symposium. 

Greek Independence Day Parade in 1981. (Credit: Diane Alexander White)

What do the Greek Independence Day Parade, the Bud Billiken Parade and the Mexican Civic Society Parade all have in common, aside from being parades of course? Well, they were all photographed by Greek photographer Diane Alexander White.

Paul Natkin speaks to WTTW News in September 2022. (WTTW News)

Rock, reggae, jazz, folk, R&B – he’s captured it all. We catch up with photographer Paul Natkin, and he shared stories and pictures worth many thousands of words.

A downy woodpecker turns upside down. (Credit: Jorge Garcia)

Jorge Garcia wasn’t always a bird paparazzo – in fact, he’s only been at it for a couple of years, after a gear upgrade for his job as a technologist took an unexpected turn. The fledgling interest soon hatched into a full-blown hobby.

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Steve Schapiro started out as a freelance photographer in the early 1960s and was on hand for many of the decade's historic moments, whether the 1963 March on Washington or Robert F. Kennedy's presidential run in 1968. The Chicago resident's work appeared in Time, Rolling Stone, Life and other publications.

A local woman sees a new image of her father through his long-lost street photography. (Courtesy Joan Tortorici Ruppert)

Local television producer and writer Joan Tortorici Ruppert lost her father as a young child. But through a collection of rediscovered photo negatives, she’s getting to know who he was before he was her father and getting a glimpse into Chicago history too. 

(Credit: Jonathan Michael Castillo)

Many immigrants dream of owning and operating a small business. A Chicago-based photographer has a personal understanding of immigration, and he has spent years documenting small businesses. He calls his project “Immigrant Owned,” and it’s about to be expanded in a big way.

(Copyright Sharon Hoogstraten from her book “Dancing for Our Tribe.”)

Articles of colorful clothing and ornaments tell the story of the person who wears them. The whole ensemble is called regalia, and it helps preserve the heritage of an entire community. A local photographer with roots in the Potawatomi Nation documents her people and their legacy.

An image from “Dos Mundos” by Amalia Mesa-Bains.

In a citywide exhibition featuring 29 MacArthur Fellows throughout 12 galleries sits a particular exhibit at the Weinberg/Newton Gallery in River North. It’s exploring what it means to be Latino in Chicago.

Jeff Garlin photographs Sarah Silverman. Garlin’s photographs will be featured at Tamarkin Camera in River North starting Nov. 11. (Credit Jeff Garlin)

Comedian and actor Jeff Garlin opens a new show of his photography featuring some of his co-stars and famous friends — Larry David, J.B. Smoove, John Mulaney – often in candid shots backstage and between scenes. 

One of the 2020 photo contest winners, taken at Oak Forest Heritage Preserve. (Credit: Sharon Dobben)

Dig those images of flowers, birds and trees out of the iCloud and enter them in the forest preserve district’s annual photo contest. Winning images will be featured in the district’s 2022 calendar. 

(Photo courtesy of Eduardo Cornejo / Gage Park Latinx Council)

A new outdoor exhibition in Gage Park tells the neighborhood’s history from the perspective of its residents. It’s part of a new program from the Gage Park Latinx Council that invites young people to reclaim their community’s narrative. We go for a look — and a local history lesson.