WBEZ's Michael Puente guest hosts the June 4 episode of “Latino Voices.” (WTTW News)

Increasing safety and preventing injuries for Chicago’s bicyclists. Can industry and nature coexist at Lake Calumet? A new master plan hopes so. And alebrijes come to life at a local park.

WBEZ’s Michael Puente guest hosts the 50th episode of “Latino Voices.” (WTTW News)

DACA recipients experiencing renewal delays. Plus, the local impact of National Coming Out Day. And a new mural celebrating Latinos in baseball. On “Chicago Tonight: Latino Voices’” 50th show.

A local doctor combats COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy. We talk September baseball with the Spanish-language broadcasters for the Sox and Cubs. And teaching young people to document their communities. 

Michael Puente of WBEZ guest hosts "Latino Voices." (WTTW News)

U.S. census figures are out — do Illinois Latinos warrant more representation in Congress? Reuniting migrant parents and children at the border. Plus, the gifts of motherhood.

 Michael Puente of WBEZ, guest hosts "Chicago Tonight: Latino Voices." (WTTW News)

Can industry and healthy neighborhoods coexist? Puerto Ricans weigh independence and statehood. And an organization helps the visually impaired maintain their independence.

Marilia Gutierrez and Edilberto Cheverez join WBEZ's Michael Puente to discuss Puerto Rico’s future status. (WTTW News)

The Puerto Rico Self-Determination Act calls for the creation of a “status convention” of delegates elected by Puerto Rican voters to determine the island’s long-term territorial status, whether that be statehood, independence, or perhaps a variation on the current arrangement.

A file photo of state Rep. Michael Madigan. (WTTW News)

A political era ends. A report slams the police response to summer unrest. Gov. Pritzker’s budget has no income tax hike but some pain for business. Vaccination rates lag in Black and Brown communities.

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The White House pressures the FDA to grant emergency authorization for Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine, as the virus kills more than 14,000 people in Illinois. 

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WBEZ’s Northwest Indiana reporter Michael Puente joins to discuss the start of the new school year in Gary.

(Courtesy of Michael Puente / WBEZ)

WBEZ reporter Michael Puente joins us to discuss funding problems surrounding the public school system in Gary, Indiana.

The barbs turned personal during Tuesday's primary battle in Indiana. Trump claimed another victory, and Cruz suspended his campaign. What will these results mean for the big picture?