A southbound Metra Electric District train departs 79th Street station. (vxla / Flickr)

Could a three-year pilot program to lower fares and expand train service on the South Side hurt the Chicago Transit Authority? A supporter of the plan weighs in.

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants a hike in the state gas tax to fund transportation infrastructure. The area’s transit heads give us their reaction and an update on the status of the region’s public transportation.

While talk of building a new express train to O’Hare heats up, we explore a little-known line that already goes there.

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Metra fare increases as of Wednesday include 25-cent increases for one-way tickets and $11.75 more for monthly passes.

Metra is proposing fare increases of nearly 11 percent next year to help modernize aging infrastructure and railcars.

A new report from Gov. Pat Quinn's transit task force is recommending a shake-up to the structure of the RTA, Metra, CTA and Pace systems to streamline operations and budget woes. The blue-ribbon transit study commission is also recommending ethics reforms. Carol Marin gets the details of the report from the co-chairs of the Northeastern Illinois Public Transit Task Force, George Ranney Jr.  and Ann Schneider, and the Task Force’s Ethics chairman, Patrick Fitzgerald. Read the full report, and view a graphic of the current structure of the RTA, Metra, CTA and Pace.

Former Ald. Martin Oberman joins us to talk about his new position as the Metra Board chairman.

Interim Metra CEO Donald Orseno was unanimously selected as Metra's next CEO by the Board of Directors today. Watch his most recent appearance on Chicago Tonight.

We talk with Metra’s interim CEO Don Orseno, Metra board member Jack Schaffer, and Chicago Tribune transportation reporter Richard Wronski about the commuter issues encountered last week during the polar vortex, and what the agency plans to change for future storms. Read an interview.

Today's record cold caused delays on the Metra and CTA. We tell you how the city is coping. Send us your severe weather photos here and we'll use them in our online slideshow.

After a scandal that resulted in the resignation of its CEO, Metra is looking for a new leader. Elizabeth Brackett sits down with new Metra board members to talk about leadership and the company’s vision going forward.

Gov. Pat Quinn's rapid transit task force meets for the first time to assess the area's troubled transit boards. We have the details on what task force members and the public had to say.

After the messy ouster of his predecessor, Metra's new interim executive director Donald Orseno tells us how he intends to drive the scandal-ridden commuter rail agency forward.

Chicago Tonight first learned that Alex Clifford would like his old job back at Metra, and his lawyer says that giving it to him is the only way to undo the controversial severance package that is now estimated to pay him close to $900,000.

Eddie Arruza and his guests have analysis of the RTA audit, and they take a look at where Metra goes from here.

Another Metra board member resigns as Gov. Pat Quinn appoints a team to recommend overhauling the region's entire transit system. Paris Schutz has the latest. Read bios for the 15-member task force.