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Some downtown businesses are seeing a slight dip in the average amount spent per transaction during this holiday season, indicating consumers might be more sensitive to prices due to factors like record high credit card debt and interest rates, according to the Chicago Loop Alliance.

Chicago Board of Trade building. (WTTW News)

As firms and other businesses have started locating their offices in other parts of town, and with the massive shift in work patterns driven by COVID-19, the eight-block stretch has become home to more vacancies than any other part of downtown. Now, the city has an ambitious plan to spur development.

What happened to the puppet theater on Michigan Avenue?

In this edition of Ask Geoffrey, our local history expert Geoffrey Baer revisits a Streeterville puppet show, examines underground architecture on the Blue Line and digs deep into the history of Montrose Beach.

Sonia Antolec; courtesy Chicago Sun-Times

We speak with a former prosecutor with the Cook County State’s Attorney's juvenile division who says she was demoted for dropping charges in a “wilding” case in the Loop.

The Loop has a new coat of color. Meet the local artist who colorized a gray downtown intersection.

Chances are, if you've ridden the CTA in the Loop, you're traveling over tracks that are pushing 100 years old. Paris Schutz has more on a major planned facelift to get the elevated tracks up to speed. 

Geoffrey Baer

A New Walking Tour with Geoffrey Baer

Geoffrey Baer takes us on an urban adventure in a new multimedia tour through Chicago's downtown loop. We get a preview of Chicago's Loop: A New Walking Tour.