Book Explores Locations that Foster Geniuses

Eric Weiner likes to take on big ideas, and he loves to travel. In his new book, "The Geography of Genius: A Search for the World's Most Creative Places from Ancient Athens to Silicon Valley," he explores what it is about certain places in time and space that foster genius.

Not everyone is happy with Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s proposal that the Lucas Museum of Cultural Arts be built on a parking lot near Solider Field in the very popular Museum Campus area. Tonight, we have a panel discussion on the pros and cons of Chicago being the museum’s home and what are more suitable locations that could serve other well-deserving neighborhoods.

Mariano's Fresh Market is paying $36 million in cash to Safeway Inc. to take over 11 local Dominick's grocery stores. View a map of the locations.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel's new speed cameras could make the city a fast buck. The city debuted its new automated camera system on Monday, with cameras now operational in four neighborhood parks. An additional eight locations will catch speed demons on film next month. View a map of speed camera locations.

Photographs of every site in Chicago where a murder took place laid out on a timeline turns into a cityscape where violence becomes a part of the fabric of the city. Elizabeth Brackett reports.