The second presidential debate starts off frosty and quickly gets personal. Analysis of how the two candidates performed.

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Without even mentioning the election, President Barack Obama's final State of the Union address last night included a number of critiques of the rhetoric from Republican candidates who are preparing for tomorrow's debate in South Carolina. Political communications expert Jason DeSanto discusses the president’s speech and upcoming debate.

The general consensus: Last week's GOP presidential debate on CNBC was a disaster, but it has led to a lot of discussion over what sort of format and approach upcoming debates should take. Newton Minow, who has been called the father of televised presidential debates, joins our discussion.

Jason DeSanto, senior lecturer at Northwestern University School of Law, picks apart President Barack Obama's sixth State of the Union address. What were the areas of focus? What are the implications for the year ahead?

We break down President Obama’s State of the Union address with Northwestern Law Senior Lecturer Jason DeSanto. Watch the address.

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