A group prays at the site of a memorial for the victims of the Buffalo supermarket shooting outside the Tops Friendly Market on May 21, 2022, in Buffalo, N.Y. (AP Photo / Joshua Bessex, File)

The report, provided to The Associated Press ahead of its public release Thursday, also found that all extremist killings identified in 2022 were linked to right-wing extremism, with an especially high number linked to white supremacy. 

FBI investigators examine the scene in downtown Highland Park on July 5, 2022, a day after a mass shooting occurred at the Fourth of July parade. (WTTW News)

Robert Crimo, Jr., 58, pleaded not guilty to seven counts of felony reckless conduct during a brief hearing Thursday, one day after a Lake County grand jury indicted him on those charges.

In this image provided by the Des Moines Public Schools, Will Keeps reads a Dr. Seuss story to students at Lovejoy Elementary School in Des Moines, Iowa, during their “VIPs Read to Students” event on March 2, 2020. (Kyle Knicley / Des Moines Public Schools via AP)

Will Keeps was a 15-year-old member of a Chicago gang when he witnessed rival members kill his friend. He escaped the streets and moved to Iowa to help other young people from troubled backgrounds.

Assault style weapons are displayed for sale at Capitol City Arms Supply on Jan. 16, 2013, in Springfield, Ill. (AP Photo / Seth Perlman, File)

The powerful NRA joined a parade of gun-rights activists seeking to toss out the newly minted prohibition on dozens of rapid-fire pistols and long guns, as well as large-capacity magazines or attachments.

A gun store display is pictured in a file photo. (WTTW News)

Multiple county sheriffs across the state have said they won’t enforce it. On Friday, a circuit court judge in downstate Effingham County issued a temporary restraining order blocking the new law — although that ruling only applies to the 850 plaintiffs and four licensed gun dealers named in the case.

Police officers stand outside a ballroom dance club in Monterey Park, Calif., Sunday, Jan. 22, 2023. (AP Photo / Jae C. Hong)

The suspect, Huu Can Tran, who was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound Sunday, had visited police in his town of Hemet twice this month to allege he was the victim of fraud, theft and poisoning by family members between 10 and 20 years ago in the LA area, spokesman Alan Reyes told The Associated Press.

(WTTW News)

The Illinois State Rifle Association and other pro-2nd Amendment groups on Wednesday filed a federal lawsuit claiming the ban “infringes on the rights of law-abiding citizens” to possess such firearms and extended magazines “for the defense of self and family and other lawful purposes.”

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Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed the law Tuesday night , hours after it passed the legislature on the final day of the General Assembly’s session, and roughly six months since the July 4 mass shooting at the Highland Park Independence Day parade.

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On Monday evening, the Illinois state Senate passed an assault weapons bill with some changes to the version passed by the House on Friday. The bill will now return to the House for a concurring vote before heading to the governor’s desk.

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Illinois lawmakers hold hearings on a possible assault weapons ban. Our politics team weighs in on that story and more.

Illinois lawmakers are pressing forward with an attempt to ban certain firearms they describe as assault weapons, but gun rights advocates say it’s a fruitless effort that will be tossed by the courts.

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According to Chicago Police Department data, there were 12 separate shootings between 6 p.m. Friday and 11:59 p.m. Sunday. No one was killed during that time frame, but a 16-year-old girl was fatally shot just before 6 p.m. Friday.

FBI investigators examine the scene in downtown Highland Park on July 5, 2022, a day after a mass shooting occurred at the Fourth of July parade. (WTTW News)

Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart announced Robert Crimo Jr. — the father of Robert Crimo III — was arrested Friday and charged with seven counts of reckless conduct.

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The Civilian Office of Police Accountability on Thursday released surveillance videos from the Nov. 1 shooting, which occurred during an alleged robbery in progress in the 1800 block of North Monticello Avenue.

Chicago police Officer Ella French (@TomAhernCPD / Twitter)

Jamel Danzy, 40, pleaded guilty earlier this year to conspiring to straw purchase the semi-automatic handgun that was used to kill Ella French and critically wound her partner Officer Carlos Yanez in August 2021.

A memorial to the victims of the July 4, 2022, shooting in Highland Park. (WTTW News)

The proposed legislation would ban the future sale of a list of guns defined as assault weapons. While the bill is many stages away from becoming law, leading Democrats are committed to its passage.