“Mia” at the Greenhouse Theater Center brings attention to missing and abducted girls. (WTTW News)

Where have all the young girls gone? That’s the theme of a new production at the Greenhouse Theater Center. Playwright Mary Bonnett wrote her production, “Mia,” in response to her experiences working with the Ojibwe tribe in Wisconsin.

Eliza Stoughton and Mark Ulrich in “Howards End,” left, and Emma Brayndick and Miles Borchard “Sons and Lovers.” (Photos by Michael Courier, left, and Lisa Lennington)

Two groundbreaking novels – E.M. Forster’s “Howards End” and D. H. Lawrence’s “Sons and Lovers” – are currently receiving world premiere productions on Chicago stages. And despite their creation more than a century ago, they remain exceptionally timely.

Margaret Trudeau and Adam Strauss (Credit: Kirsten Miccoli, left, Michael Courier)

In what is clearly a case of pure happenstance, two autobiographical solo shows about mental illness recently arrived on Chicago stages. A look at “Certain Woman of an Age” and “The Mushroom Cure.”

Shane O’Regan stars in the one-man show “Private Peaceful.” (Credit: Ahron R. Foster)

A beautifully realized, profoundly moving one-man show now on stage at the Greenhouse Theater Center features a performance of great heart by Shane O’Regan.