Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park. (David Mark / Pixabay)

Debris from houses, shops and offices had to go somewhere. The rubble was dumped off the lakefront east of Michigan Avenue, and if that sounds like the location of Grant Park, it is.

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A new show at the Chicago History Museum features artwork and animation that bring the Great Chicago Fire to life on its 150th anniversary.

View from the south west corner of Dearborn and Monroe, 1871. (Jex Bardwell / Chicago History Museum)

Nearly 150 years after a small barn fire ballooned into a two-day blaze that engulfed the city, the story of the Great Chicago Fire is being retold. On social media.

Next month, one of the Chicago area's oldest manufacturers will shut its doors after 145 years. Haeger Potteries, a fourth-generation family business, played a key role in helping the city rebuild after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Jay Shefsky takes us inside.

Electrical problems and soggy weather fizzled Saturday night's Great Chicago Fire Festival. Paris Schutz has more on the aftermath and the mayor's plans for the event moving forward.

Image credit: Jex Bardwell

It was THE catastrophe that transformed Chicago. As we approach the 140th anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire, Eddie Arruza shows us some of the artifacts that were pulled from the debris.