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With billions in unfunded pension liabilities, what options remain for lawmakers to defuse the state’s pension time bomb?

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With tensions still high in Springfield, we talk with two lawmakers who are resigning from the legislature.

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner on Thursday announced a pension deal to reform Illinois' troubled state retirement system, but Democratic leaders in the legislature quickly pushed back on the plan. A panel of lawmakers discusses the proposal and whether it has any chance of passing the General Assembly.

Some have described the atmosphere in Springfield as toxic. Will lawmakers and Gov. Rauner move beyond the ugliness to get a deal done on the budget? Two lawmakers join us to talk about what's ahead.

Illinois legislators talk about the upcoming Fall Veto Session and look ahead to working with Bruce Rauner's administration.

Carol Marin and her panel of guests look at Tuesday's historic pension vote in Springfield. View interactive graphics to see how Senate and House members voted on the bill, and read a Q&A with Republican Sen. Matt Murphy.

Pension reform made some strides before the General Assembly went on Spring Break. What was done, and how much closer is Illinois to comprehensive reform? Carol Marin and four state legislators discuss the developments.

Illinois lawmakers take up pension reform after four failed votes last week. Carol Marin goes one-on-one with Rep. Elaine Nekritz.

On the last day of the veto session, a new pension bill aimed at mending the state's $96 billion unfunded liability was rolled out. Here to talk about the ins and the outs of the bill are two of its sponsors.

A new bipartisan proposal to tackle Illinois' growing pension crisis was unveiled today. We get the latest from Springfield.