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Abuse of opioid-based prescription pain killers, heroin and synthetic substitutes are killing more Americans than ever before. 

Meet a medical doctor who moonlights as a magician. Northwestern University’s Dr. Ricardo Rosenkranz joins us to explore the mysteries of medicine and magic.

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Two Chicago-area doctors who recently traveled to Aleppo share their stories.

The head of the Mayo Clinic sheds light on what he has called “an epidemic of burnout” impacting doctors and undermining patient care.

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Why Loyola Medical students are being encouraged to learn Transcendental Meditation – and how it could make them better doctors.

State legislation allowing psychologists to prescribe medication drugs was approved in a House committee vote last week and now moves on to the full House for further debate. Tonight, we take a look at the controversial bill and debate the pros, cons. Learn more and read the full bill.

Maggie Daley tripled the average survival rate for metastatic breast cancer. We look at why not all breast cancer prognoses are alike, and find out about the latest treatment developments.