From left, lung transplant patient Dennis Deer, 50, is shown with pulmonologist Dr. Catherine Myers of Northwestern Medicine. Nurse practitioner Jennifer Wright is shown with lung transplant patient Yahaira Vega, 27. (Erin Valle / Northwestern Medicine)

All of the organs in  Dennis Deer’s chest and abdomen — including his lungs — were flip-flopped in his body, with organs that should be on the right existing on the left and vice versa.

The Cook County Juneteenth Planning Committee. (Credit: Norvell's Photography)

Juneteenth will be recognized as a federal, state and local holiday for the first time this year. The day recognizes the freeing of the last enslaved people in Texas, two years after the Emancipation Proclamation in 1865. 

Dennis Deer

“We need leaders who both understand the community and have experience fixing the kinds of problems we face,” says Dennis Deer. Learn more about this candidate.

Dennis Deer

“As Commissioner, I feel it is important for me to help my community bridge the gap between where it is and where it should be,” writes Dennis Deer. Learn more about this candidate.