Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton. (Photo © Chicago Tribune)

After spending months combing through nearly 100 years of archival photographs and newspaper articles, the Chicago Tribune is releasing a comprehensive look at the Chicago Bears.

Legendary actor Mickey Rooney died at age 93. We look back at a clip featuring Rooney from our archives. Watch the full 1989 program about child stars called When We Were Young: Growing up on the Silver Screen.

We get a behind-the-scenes look at the process and history of dyeing the Chicago River green – a city tradition since 1962, and a family tradition since its inception. Meet the men who turn the river bright green each year in this story originally told by John Callaway on March 17, 2004.

Chicago actor, writer and director Harold Ramis died at age 69. Watch web extra video interviews with Ramis from WTTW's archives.

Chicago legend Frank Thomas was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame today. Watch a 2011 interview with Thomas from our archives.

Legendary Chicago radio personality Larry Lujack died Wednesday at the age of 73. We look back at two of Lujack's appearances from WTTW's archives. Watch the web extra videos.

Nelson Mandela died at age 95. Watch web extra videos about the anti-apartheid icon from WTTW's archives.

Best-selling author Tom Clancy died at age 66. Back in 2002, Elizabeth Brackett interviewed Clancy on an episode of Chicago Tonight. Watch the web extra video from our archives.

As a longtime congressman, Jesse Jackson Jr. was a regular guest on Chicago Tonight. Watch web extra videos of Jackson Jr. that illustrate the kind of political gravitas he had before this scandal erupted last year.

Chicago cop-turned-actor Dennis Farina died today at age 69. Watch web extra video of Farina from WTTW's archives.

Blues singer Bobby Bland died at age 83. A member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and recipient of a lifetime achievement Grammy Award, Bland had a memorable performance in WTTW studios back in 1977 on Soundstage with B.B. King. Watch the web extra video.

Bud Herseth, the legendary Chicago Symphony Orchestra trumpeter, died Saturday at 91. We revisit our 2004 conversation with Herseth -- as well as John Callaway's 1978 conversation with prima ballerina Maria Tallchief -- who died last week as well.

Dyeing the Chicago River green for St. Patrick’s Day has been a city tradition since 1962. And it’s been a family tradition since its inception. Meet the men who turn the river bright green each year as we revisit our March 17, 2004 story. 

Former longtime New York Mayor Ed Koch died on Friday. We take a look back at interviews with Koch from the WTTW archives.

We look back at a 1987 interview from Chicago Tonight’s archives between John Callaway, and actors John Malkovich and Joan Allen.

Legendary sportswriter Bill Jauss died on Wednesday at age 81. We revisit a 2006 interview with him from Chicago Tonight's archives in our web extra video.