Attorneys for both sides of Janus v AFSCME presented arguments to the Supreme Court on Monday. (Courtroom sketch by Bill Hennessy)

Janus v AFSCME, a case out of Illinois that’s backed by Gov. Bruce Rauner and conservative donors and activists, aims to do away with fair share fees. We hear from both sides of the issue.

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan files an amendment that would enact Mayor Rahm Emanuel's new pension reduction plan. The proposal includes a hefty property tax increase while also shrinking pension benefits. Who wins and who loses? 

A lawsuit was filed by a coalition of major public employee and teacher unions in Springfield today claiming the cost-of-living cuts, salary caps and raising of the retirement age is unconstitutional. Eddie Arruza and his guests discuss how the state can move forward with funding the pension gap. Read the full complaint from We Are One Illinois.

Chicago civic groups back bipartisan pension reform, but will it prompt any action in Springfield? Eddie Arruza and his panel discuss the latest developments.

Governor Pat Quinn tackles the state's $80 billion underfunded pension system.  We'll get reaction to his plan from a union coalition and the Civic Committee of The Commercial Club of Chicago.

Gov. Pat Quinn

Illinois could eventually face nearly $35 billion in unpaid bills. A new report suggests the governor and general assembly can fix the problem.