Last year was a big year in film and award season is just around the corner. Joining us to talk about their picks for 2013 and contenders for award season’s biggest honors are Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune, Bill Stamets a freelancer for the Chicago Sun-Times and Newcity, and Jeanne Kaplan of Kaplan vs. Kaplan Film Critics. Watch film trailers.

Phil Ponce talks with Chicago Tonight reporters and correspondents about the top stories of 2013, and a look ahead to 2014. Check out our 2013 highlights.

Has Gov. Pat Quinn, once thought of as an ineffective governor, had a political resurrection? We go one-on-one with Quinn. Watch the full interview.

Among the 14 historic ships heading for Chicago’s Tall Ships Festival is the “Lynx,” a two-masted schooner modeled after an 1812 “privateer.” I spent 24 hours on the Lynx as it sailed to Chicago. Read an article, view a slideshow, and watch Web Extra: Dawn on a Tall Ship for a video postcard of my trip.

An offensive lineman long on pedigree and short on experience tops the Bears' draft class. James "Big Cat" Williams analyzes the Bears' 2013 picks.

Chicago Magazine’s Executive Editor, Cassie Walker Burke, is back on the show to tell us who made the publication’s 2013 list for the 100 most influential people in the city. 

Barack Obama gets sworn in for his second term as President of the United States. We break down his second inaugural address.

Illinois is racing against the clock to implement the new health care law. We talk about the changes heading our way.

Cracking down on the misuse of handicapped parking and a so-called "skin tax" at strip clubs are two of more than 100 new Illinois laws that just kicked in. We tell you about some of the others you should know about.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel's 2013 budget signals relative calm before a coming fiscal storm. The mayor joins Carol Marin for a one-on-one conversation.

A new report blasts the Chicago Public Schools for budget mismanagement. We have the latest.