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Quinn Concedes, Rauner Elected Governor

The most expensive gubernatorial race in Illinois history is now officially in the books. Late this afternoon, Gov. Pat Quinn conceded the race that was called late last night for Republican Bruce Rauner. Both the governor and governor-elect have announced transition plans, as multiple probes are opening into the controversy that caused several election judges in Chicago to not show up to their polling places.

Read Rauner’s statement on Quinn’s concession.

“I thank Governor Quinn for his many years of service to Illinois and appreciate his commitment to making this a smooth transition. I look forward to getting to work to make Illinois the most compassionate and competitive state in the nation.”

Read Mayor Rahm Emanuel's statement on the gubernatorial election results.

“Governor Quinn has been a great partner to the City of Chicago.  I would like to thank him for the work he has done on behalf of our residents, and I will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him as we fight to raise the minimum wage over the next two months. I would also like to congratulate Governor-elect Bruce Rauner. We must work together on behalf of all Chicagoans and put progress ahead of politics to move Chicago and Illinois forward.”

Today, Rauner announced his transition leadership team, which will be chaired by lieutenant governor-elect Evelyn Sanguinetti. Read his statement.

“I am committed to assembling a diverse and talented team to drive results for our state and bring back Illinois,” Bruce Rauner said. “There is no one better prepared to help me achieve our administration’s goals than Evelyn. She has been my partner throughout this campaign and will continue that role as we prepare to take office.”

In addition to Sanguinetti, senior members of the transition team will include Mike Zolnierowicz, who will be the transition director, Chip Englander, who will be a senior advisor, Nancy Kimme, who will be a transition advisor, and Mike Schrimpf, who will be communications director. The transition committee  is “committed to disclosing and capping all contributions to the effort,” according to a Rauner press release.

Read Sanguinetti’s statement about the transition.

“I look forward to working with the Governor-elect to build an administration that reflects our state’s diversity and is prepared to lead on Day One,” Evelyn Sanguinetti said.