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About the Candidate

Name: Jim Oberweis
DOB: June 10, 1946
Occupation: State Senator and owner of Oberweis Dairy
Political Experience: Currently serving as State Senator in the 25th District
Twitter: @jimoberweis

Candidate Statement

Hi, I'm Jim Oberweis. I'm running for Congress for the 14th Congressional District because I am concerned about the future of our country.

It has become fashionable for political leaders and celebrities to embrace socialism and big government solutions to every problem.

As a successful businessman and entrepreneur, I can tell you that government is more often a hindrance - not a help - to real progress.

The policies of debt and excessive spending are stealing our kids' and grandkids future by burying them under mountains of public debt.

Illinois is a good example of what our federal future will look like if we don't stop the runaway spending.

Access to quality, affordable healthcare is also becoming an issue of concern for families across the country.

We need more transparency and competition among medical service providers to bring down costs while protecting access to quality care and protecting pre-existing conditions.

In addition, border security continues to be a major problem as drug cartels are flooding our nation with dangerous drugs and opioids that are putting lives at risk.

Here in Illinois, the exodus of people from our state due to excessive taxation is hurting our economy and limiting our opportunity for growth.

These are major issues that require major solutions.

What is needed is real leadership.

I know I have what it takes to bring state and local leaders together to take on these challenges.

In my business life and as a sitting State Senator in the 25th District, I help solve problems every single day.

I will be the kind of leader voters can depend on to represent their views and values in our nation's Capital.

I will be accessible and I will take the time to listen to what you have to say. I will, as I have always done, put people ahead of politics.

I'm Jim Oberweis and I would appreciate your vote on March 17th.

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

I am running for Congress because I am concerned about the future of our country. The popularity of socialist ideas is something that deeply troubles me. Expanding government is not the solution to every problem. I want to make sure we tackle the big issues of the day such as healthcare, immigration and education with impactful long- term solutions that help – not hurt – the future of our country.

I have 20 grandchildren and I want them to inherit a country full of better opportunities than the ones I had. All politicians say they love our kids and grandkids, yet what are they doing about it? The policies of debt and excessive taxation are stealing or kids’ future by burying them under mountains of public debt. Illinois is a good example of what our federal future will look like if we don’t stop the runaway spending. One of my priorities will be lowering the national debt and enacting policies that will grow our economy. If we focus on spending reform, on lowering healthcare costs and creating jobs these issues; I believe future generations will inherit the kind of country we can all be proud of.

What is your vision for this office?

As a State Senator, I view the role of elected officials to be one of public service. My goal as Congressman in the 14th District will be to serve the people of the 14th District. I will be their voice in Washington. A big part of the job will be to listen to the people I represent. This has been something I have always done as a State Senator and nothing will change when I go Washington D.C. I will work with locally elected officials to solve problems and help create jobs.

Illinois is losing population every day. Federal, state and local leaders need to work together to stop the mass exodus from our state. That requires leadership and the ability to bring people together. I bring years of private and public sector experience to the table and will be able to provide the leadership this district is sorely lacking.

What do you think is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how do you plan on addressing it?

Healthcare is one of the issues I hear about a lot from the people I talk to on the campaign trail. The cost of healthcare is out of control. We have to bring these costs down, but we must not lower cost at the expense of innovation and advancements in technology.

I support ideas such as portability of healthcare benefits. Instead of tying healthcare plans to employment, let’s tie these plans to individuals. Let’ allow workers to take plans with them when they change jobs and even when they change states.

We need more transparency in pricing. We also need to do more with virtual doctor office visits. With Facetime, Skype and other innovations, is it necessary to always be physically present for an office visit?

In short, we can solve our healthcare problems without transferring one-sixth of our economy to total government control.