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About the Candidate

Name: James T. “Jim” Marter
DOB: Jan. 2, 1963
Occupation: I/T Software Consultant
Political Experience: former Republican GOP Party Chairman Kendall County, Precinct Committeeman, served on Executive board of Illinois Conservative Union, Manager Republican Candidate Campaigns, and previous candidate.
Website: Marter4Congress.US
Twitter: @Marter4Congress

Candidate Statement

I’m James Marter for Congress in Illinois #14, a district President TRUMP Won!

I LOVE America and treasure our FREEDOM’s, Constitution, and our republican form of government which has been passed from one generation of patriots to another, understanding that LIFE & LIBERTY must be defended by every generation.

These were my parents, grandparents and yours; people who came from all corners on earth; some were enslaved, but it was our founding principles, and moral and just leaders, that set the wheels in motion to allow all to become free.

I will:

join the House Freedom Caucus!

support President Trump, put America First,

STAND & FIGHT for your 2nd Amendment rights,

respect our Flag, defend our Constitution,

fight for Conservative Pro-Life & Pro-family values.

and support Term Limits

I will:

Secure the Border, Support Immigration limits and reform, including blocking immigrants from terrorist states, eliminate Sanctuary cities, cut spending and “Big” Government, in Washington.

Radical Socialist Democrat Lauren Underwood wants to turn the American dream into the socialist nightmare along with Leader Nancy Pelosi.

She voted for the #Sham Impeachment and believes the targeting of an evil terrorist, who killed Americans & was directly responsible for the attack on our US Embassy, our sovereign soil, was a mistake.

I’m a leader you can Trust, with global experience in international business and manufacturing.

I am an entrepreneur and a small business owner who meets and works with workers on the factory line, in warehouses, labs, and meets with executives in the boardroom.

My beautiful wife Jill and I have been married 34 years, we are blessed with our four children and our first granddaughter! I’ve served my communities more than 25 years as a Scout Leader, an age-group swimming coach, & a youth basketball coach.

LIFE, Religious Liberty to worship freely, faith in God, fellowship, & family are the most important things to me.

I’m James Marter for Congress, fighting to defend our Conservative values, our Pro-Growth and Pro-America agenda to Keep America Great.

God Bless America.

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

I am taking on the fight to restore LIBERTY and our Constitution, protect our 2nd Amendment, defend LIFE, and as your Representative in Congress, I will be relentless in the pursuit of cutting the size and scope of government, eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse from government and cutting government bureaucracy and agencies, which are neither necessary at the federal level nor constitutional. aka “Draining the Swamp!”

Why? To stop Washington D.C. from taking so much from you, so you can keep the fruits of your labor!  I am Pro-Growth, Pro-President Trump, and support the America First Agenda working with the President to Keep America Great!

What is your vision for this office?

My vision is the founder’s vision to have a Representative for Congress of the people of the 14th District who understand and follows and respects the idea of a limited federal government with specific and limited enumerated powers per our U.S. Constitution.  A representative who understands the Bill of rights, which specially protects “We the People” from the government imposing and usurping our God given rights, we know as natural law, specifically articulated in the first Ten Amendments to the Constitution. Foremost among these is the 2nd Amendment which protects our first Amendment Freedoms of Speech and Religion, along with the rest. 

What do you think is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how do you plan on addressing it?

Over burden on the American Taxpayer and Over regulation, there are many fronts, but my first focus is the repeal of the un-Affordable Care Act.

It was the biggest tax increase in American history and a government takeover of 1/6 of the American economy.  The BIG LIE “Millions will lose their Insurance” is now being repeated by the radical socialist Left in order to sell single payer (aka Medicare for all)  WRONG repeal does not cancel insurance policies.  TRUTH is Insurance rates will drop for those of us who BUY in the private insurance market and for companies buying insurance for groups. Private insurance skyrocketed more than 300% under the PPACA, it is “Un-Affordable” for most every American now.

Then enact Real reform.  The Free Market will bring Health Care Costs down for all, Repeal the Ted Kennedy HMO Act, Repeal the 1945-50 era Healthcare Laws, enact Tort Reform, enact Insurance Portability Across State Lines, enact Portability of Insurance from Employer to employee protecting those covered from losing insurance due to pre-existing conditions, strengthen the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and close the few remaining issues regarding pre-existing conditions. Expand HSA’s (Health Savings Accounts) to be available to ALL Americans with no gimmicks for various plan choices.

With Prescription Drugs tear down the artificial walls, where the government is involved, allow it to negotiate on behalf of the American taxpayer. Require more transparency in pricing with clear information about drug cost, and open competition in the U.S. prescription drug market.

Health care provides must have transparency in pricing for all good and services, hospitals, clinics,  manufacturers should have to disclose, in an understandable manner, the price of treatments, services and drugs.  Competition among drug manufacturers