About this Office: The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office prosecutes crimes committed in Cook County, the largest consolidated court district in the U.S.; serves as legal counsel for Cook County government agencies; and serves as legal counsel for all Cook County public officials.

Kim Foxx - D (incumbent)

Kim Foxx

“Over the past three years, we’ve focused on prosecuting violent crimes instead of spending disproportionate resources towards low-level offenses.”

Bill Conway - D

Bill Conway

“I’m running to enact real criminal justice reform, get after the gun crime epidemic, and get politics out of an office where it never belonged.”

Donna More - D

Donna More

“In 2019, murders increased by nearly a third in Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods ... because Kim Foxx is playing catch and release with gunslingers.”

Bob Fioretti - D

Bob Fioretti

“Kim Foxx is a disaster. Its time for her to go. Her handling of the Jussie Smollett case is reason enough to make a change.”

Patrick W. ‘Pat’ O’Brien - R

Patrick W. ‘Pat’ O’Brien

“The State’s Attorney needs to change, and I am the leader to restore integrity and order in the office.”

Christopher E. K. Pfannkuche - R

Christopher E. K. Pfannkuche

“I am running because I am deeply troubled by the unprosecuted corruption in this county, the violence plaguing our communities, the deaths from the opioid drug epidemic, and a failure to enforce the laws.”