Bill Daley faces the public after announcing that he is dropping out of the race for Illinois governor. Paris Schutz has the details. View a timeline of Daley's political career.

Bill Daley shocks the political arena and drops his candidacy from the race for Illinois governor. What does this mean for Gov. Pat Quinn and for the Republican field? We have analysis.

In a stunning development, Bill Daley has decided he will not run for Illinois governor. Daley, in an interview with the Chicago Tribune, says that his political experience might not have prepared him for the enormity of running for governor.

The first potential Democratic challenger to Gov. Pat Quinn was Bill Daley, who officially announced his candidacy on July 30, only to drop out of the race on Sept. 16.

Citing the state’s inability to deal with a crippling financial crisis, Bill Daley is stepping into the governor’s race. We talk with the former White House Chief of Staff. View a timeline of Daley's career.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill Daley offers a three-point plan for pension reform, calling Gov. Pat Quinn out for "failed leadership." Daley is calling on Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to issue an opinion on the constitutionality of pension reform bills. Watch the full news conference.

Former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley is officially exploring a run for Illinois governor in 2014. Daley announced Tuesday in a web video that he has formed an exploratory committee for the race. Watch the video and read reaction from other potential gubernatorial candidates.