We hear from some of the winners in last night's Congressional races, heading to Washington to face the gridlock.

Carol Marin and her guests break down what happened in Illinois' General Assembly races last night.

How accurately did opinion polls predict what voter's did in the privacy of a voting booth? Elizabeth Brackett and Joel Weisman are here to talk about polls and media coverage of the election.

Dold Concedes to Schneider

The 10th District Congressional winner is Brad Schneider.

Tammy Duckworth Beats Joe Walsh

In one of the most contested races in the nation, the 8th District winner is Tammy Duckworth.

Judy Biggert Concedes to Bill Foster

In a neck-and-neck race, the 11th District Congressional winner is Bill Foster.

Campaign supporters wait for results in local Congressional races. Check back here later to watch the web extra videos.

Check out PBS NewsHour's live Election Day blog with on-the-ground reports from local PBS stations, results as they roll in, and analysis from a cast of NewsHour guests.

There's confusion at many Chicago polling places on this election day as redrawn wards send voters scrambling to find their assigned voting place. We have the very latest LIVE from the Chicago Board of Elections.

Joel Weisman joins us to help us understand what to look for as the results begin to come in.

Paris Schutz reports on the latest from the heated swing state of Wisconsin, home of GOP vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan.

Tomorrow is Election Day and the Presidential candidates are criss-crossing the country one last time.  How accurate are the polls?  What's happening in swing states? And what are the critical demographics of this election? Carol Marin and her panel have the latest.

Chances are you're not familiar with the dozens of judges on the ballot this year. We break down your choices.

11th District

11th District candidates Congresswoman Judy Biggert and challenger Bill Foster spoke with Phil Ponce live in our studios. Watch the forum here and read our live web chat transcript. After the forum, both candidates answered questions from the media in a press conference. Watch the web extra videos.

Congresswoman Judy Biggert and challenger Bill Foster face-off live in our studios in our 11th District Congressional forum.

Congresswoman Judy Biggert and challenger Bill Foster are neck and neck in a race for the 11th District. The newly redrawn district includes areas of Aurora and Joliet likely to vote Democrat. We break down some of the key issues at the forefront of tonight's 11th District forum.