The Week in Review: CPS Teachers Buck In-Person Learning with Omicron Surge

Mayor Lightfoot’s battle with the Chicago Teachers Union over in-person classes amid an omicron surge turned nasty as classes were canceled and no-show teachers were docked pay. 

See: No CPS Classes Friday as City, Teachers Union Still Without Safety Agreement

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Both sides have filed unfair labor grievances with the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board.  So, is this really about COVID-19 or is this a political battle, and do fed-up parents care? 

See: Chicago Parents Suing CTU in Push to Get Kids Back in Their Classrooms

Meanwhile, the city and state continue to shatter COVID-19 infection records as ICU beds fill up and the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office sends portable morgues to hospitals, as the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

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In other politics, the nation marks the first anniversary of the Jan. 6 insurrection as concerns over violence continue.  Rep. Adam Kinzinger released a statement on the anniversary of the Capitol riot, but the rest of state’s Republican congressional delegation remained silent, accusing Democrats of exploiting the riot.  Kinzinger also announces that he will stay the course to right the GOP, the Sun-Times reporteed, declining a run for governor or U.S. Senate.  Veteran Rep. Bobby Rush announced he will retire next year, setting off a scramble to replace him.  And downstate Republican Rep. Rodney Davis is facing off against Trump-backed Rep. Mary Miller.

The totals are in and Chicago’s violence in 2021 was the highest in decades.  Mayor Lightfoot continued to blame the courts for letting violent offenders out on home monitoring.  Meanwhile, the chief judge rejected the mayor’s call for holding violent offenders in jail.  The mayor and police superintendent announced that they hope to double police recruitment and will hold brass accountable if arrests don’t increase and more murder cases aren’t solved.


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