Springfield Showdown: Lawmakers Weigh In on Session’s Local Impact

It was quite the week Springfield as the spring session drew to a close.

There were emotional floor debates, the passage of a slew of bills and an extension into weekend overtime.

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But what does all this capitol action mean for the state’s residents? For starters, bipartisan collaboration might signal a new mentality in Springfield.

“I’m very happy we were able to work in a bipartisan way to begin to get our state back on track after the last four years of dysfunction,” said House Majority Leader Greg Harris (D – Chicago) about the passage of a $40 billion state budget

But not everyone is happy with the budget bill. State Sen. Sue Rezin (R – Morris) said she opposed the bill because it included a $1,600 pay raise for lawmakers.

“I was really disappointed to find out our pay raise was for the elected officials were very deep inside of the budgets, so I think it’s sending the wrong message back to our districts,” Rezin said.

Harris and Rezin join us in discussion. 

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