Survey: Nearly Half of Chicago Seniors Have Considered Moving Away

Many seniors in Chicago worry about being able to stay in the city, according to a recent survey of registered voters ages 50 and up. The survey was commissioned by the Illinois branch of the American Association of Retired Persons.

Forty-four percent of those surveyed have considered leaving in the last year; and 41 percent worry at least “somewhat often” about not being able to stay due to financial reasons. 

The top three reasons for considering a move include the overall cost of living (87 percent), lower taxes (83 percent) and wanting to live in a safer community (80 percent). 

The survey of 801 registered voters was conducted in December. “AARP Illinois has typically not gotten involved in local politics,” said AARP Illinois State Director Bob Gallo. “But our members wanted us to be more local and to share their voice.”

According to the survey, issues of the greatest importance to seniors are reducing crime and violence (87 percent), services for vulnerable residents (78 percent), improving education (77 percent) and jobs and the economy (76 percent). 

Explore the full results of the AARP survey

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