The Week in Review: Lawmakers Get Serious About Sexual Harassment

Lawmakers in Springfield mandate sexual harassment training and empower an inspector general to investigate claims of misconduct. Gov. Bruce Rauner gets a win as lawmakers fail to override his veto of a right-to-work bill, but the embattled Republican is viewed as increasingly vulnerable after a wave of Democrats are elected around this U.S. The Chicago City Council extends anti-harassment rules to cover elected officials. Cook County public defenders file a lawsuit, charging that leaders haven’t done enough to stop detainees at the jail from harassing them and exposing themselves.

Retailers try to gin up excitement with early Black Friday sales ahead of what’s expected to be an online-dominated holiday shopping season.

And in sports, Bulls players side with Bobby Portis after his fight with Nikola Mirotic. And the Bears hope for a win over the injury-weakened Packers.


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The conversation continues in our web-extra video. This week, Arruza and guests reflect on the presidency of Donald Trump, who was elected one year ago.

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