Breaking the Silence on Sexual Harassment in Springfield and Beyond

Allegations of sexual harassment, assault and abuse surrounding Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein have prompted others to come forward and publicly acknowledge similar experiences.

The hashtag #MeToo, introduced recently by actor Alyssa Milano, has become a rallying cry, empowering social media users over the world to give voice to traumatic experiences. 

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In Springfield this week, an open letter listing multiple scenarios of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior in state political circles was released. While the letter didn’t name names in those specific instances, more than 200 people have signed it in solidarity.

On Tuesday, state Sen. Daniel Biss of Evanston filed Senate Bill 2248, which would mandate sexual harassment training for specified state officials and employees.

Are we seeing a societal sea change when it comes to sexual harassment?

Joining us to discuss that question and more are political fundraiser Katelynd Duncan, one of the open letter’s original signatories who helped write it; attorney Craig Tobin, who represents both plaintiffs and defendants in sexual harassment cases; and Chicago Tribune columnist Heidi Stevens.

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