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Understanding Court Oversight: New Lawsuit Seeks Police Reforms

Last week, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced she’s suing the city to secure more reforms to the Chicago Police Department, including court oversight of departmental changes. Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he supports the move, and appeared at the press conference publicizing the lawsuit along with Madigan and Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

Madigan wants a consent decree—a written settlement—outlining changes in police training and practices. An independent monitor would report to a judge about those changes.

The mayor’s senior legal adviser told “Chicago Tonight” last week that the agreement’s terms are currently under discussion. Madigan says her office will solicit recommendations from police officers and community groups.

Joining us in discussion are: Lori Lightfoot, president of the Chicago Police Board; Shari Runner, president and CEO of the Chicago Urban League; and Brian Warner, a former police officer and the founder of Chicago Police Survivors, though he is no longer with the group.

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