Eddie Johnson Talks New Police Reforms

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson rolled out new police reforms Tuesday amid public scrutiny of the city’s gun violence problem and its police force.

Johnson announced the department plans to partake in more community policing, improve and increase officer training with an emphasis on use of force policies, hire additional supervisors and continue to enforce officer accountability by distributing more on-duty body cameras.

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Johnson’s announcement comes two days before the Thursday public comment deadline for the Chicago Police Department’s revised use of force policy.

The superintendent, now a year into his job as Chicago’s top cop, pushed back when questioned about the need for a binding consent decree to enforce the department’s reforms.

“Make no mistake about it: We’re not just saying we’re going to reform, we’re showing you that we’re reforming,” Johnson said. “If you go out there right now, CPD is different than it was this time last year.

“We don’t need a piece of paper to ensure that we do it. We’re doing it.”

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson joins us to discuss his department’s new policies and the challenges facing Chicago.

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