Hollywood Plot Twist: Epic Mix-Up Makes Oscars History

Hollywood produced its biggest plot twist ever at the Academy Awards on Sunday night, featuring a mix-up with the best picture winner.

Veteran actors Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty haltingly announced the year’s best picture: “La La Land.” A gaggle of “La La Land” producers, writers, actors and the director then bounded up to the stage to celebrate and deliver speeches.

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But as those acknowledgements were made, a buzz of activity was unfolding on stage behind the award winners. People wearing headsets were scrambling among the happy mob on stage. Host Jimmy Kimmel and Beatty made their way toward the microphone. 

Then the surprise of the night was revealed: There was a mistake in giving the biggest prize at the Academy Awards to “La La Land.” The actual winner? “Moonlight.” Mass confusion followed.

The actors, writers, producers and director of “Moonlight” weren’t sure what was happening. The director of “La La Land” assured them it wasn’t a joke. Then Beatty explained the mix-up. He was given the envelope for best actress which had just been given to “La La Land” actor Emma Stone.

Joining us to talk about the ultimate surprise ending for “Moonlight” is Dann Gire, the president of the Chicago Film Critics Association and the Daily Herald’s film critic.

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