Actor Geraldine Chaplin Reflects on Lengthy Film Career

In the past 50-plus years, Geraldine Chaplin has starred in well over 100 films.

From David Lean’s “Doctor Zhivago” in 1965 to films by Robert Altman and Martin Scorsese and an impressive roster of international films–including the acclaimed Dominican production “Sand Dollars” in 2014, the actress remains very active.

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Now she’s in town to be honored by the Chicago International Film Festival, which begins Thursday and continues through Oct. 27.

Chaplin joins host Phil Ponce in discussion.

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A tribute to Geraldine Chaplin takes place Saturday as part of the Chicago International Film Festival. The event begins at 7 p.m. at Essanay Studio, 1345 W. Argyle St. Tickets cost $75 and can be purchased by calling 312-332-3456.

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