New Zika Guidelines for Florida as Vaccine Research Progresses

Important research is happening locally and across the country in an attempt to control the Zika virus.

The National Institutes of Health on Wednesday announced the first human trial of a Zika vaccine, while the Argonne National Laboratory Advanced Photon Source has allowed researchers to examine the molecular structure of the virus to help find a vaccine.

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Meanwhile, the CDC recently warned pregnant women to stay away from a Miami neighborhood to avoid getting Zika.

And all this while the Olympics are set to open in Brazil, one of the countries hardest hit by the virus and its associated birth defects. 

Joining host Eddie Arruza for an update on Zika are Dr. Allison Arwady, an infectious disease specialist and Chief Medical Officer of the Chicago Department of Public Health; and Bob Fischetti, Argonne's Life Sciences Advisor to the Advanced Photon Source.

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