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Local Photographer Turns Lens to Birds That Crashed into Skyscrapers

A yearlong exhibit highlighting the dangers of being a bird in a city with many tall buildings opened this month at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.

In perhaps a nod to bizarre post-mortem photography of the Victorian era, "Broken Journey" features a slew of dead songbird portraits from local photographer Art Fox. The birds all met their end via injuries sustained after colliding with Chicago buildings – an event which kills some 3,000 migratory birds each year, according to estimates from the museum.

(Art Fox)(Art Fox)

Part of the exhibit's goal is to raise awareness around that phenomenon.

“To me, these birds, though dead, appear strangely alive,” Fox said in a statement. “Perhaps such an exhibit would help further the mission of those who try to rescue injured birds, and to study those who have died, in order for science to understand and prevent the causes of this collision between nature and mankind.”

(Art Fox)(Art Fox)

The exhibit "Broken Journey" is open through February 2017. For more details and information, check out the Nature Museum's website.

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