Alderman Looks to Tax Sugary Beverages

Watch the video: Could Chicagoans soon be paying higher taxes for sugary drinks? That was one item on the city council agenda.  What else was the council up to today?

 Chicago's fiscal mess has at least one alderman targeting your sweet tooth.

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Under a proposal introduced today, the city would put an added tax on sugary beverages. It's one of the items City Council is mulling as it faces the prospect of finding billions of dollars in new revenue in coming years to deal with its pension crisis.

Paris Schutz has more on the proposed tax and the flurry of activity that made up City Council's last full meeting of the summer.

City Composting

Among the measures approved today by City Council is an ordinance to expand composting operations at community gardens and urban farms across Chicago. The ordinance will also introduce a community garden registry, and allow urban farms to apply for permits to compost lifestock waste.

Mayor Emanuel issued this statement in a press release about the ordinance:

“Urban agriculture is an important piece in making our communities more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Expanding composting is an easy way to support our neighborhoods in growing their own fresh fruits and vegetables right in their own backyards.”

Investment Partnership

Other measures include an investment partnership that allows the Chicago City Treasurer's Office (CTO) to offer financial management services to the Public Buildings Commission (PBC). Under the agreement, the CTO will oversee the PBC's $38 million bond portfolio, with the goal of boosting the commission's return on investments.

New Appointments, Nominations

Approved appointments include Judy Frydland as Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Buildings (DOB) to City Council; and Lisa Morrison Butler as the Commissioner of the Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) to City Council. The nomination of Lori Lightfoot as the next chair of the Chicago Police Board was also approved.

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