State of the Budget

Gov. Bruce Rauner will officially address the state's daunting budget crisis on Wednesday. The state faces a $2 billion budget gap from now until June resulting from the expiration of the state's temporary income tax increase last month. Next fiscal year's budget gap is projected to be nearly $6 billion. Plus the state owes billions in unpaid bills and more than $100 billion to its five pension funds. Illinois Public Radio's Statehouse Bureau Chief Amanda Vinicky joins us with a preview of Gov. Rauner's budget address. 

Read about the executive orders and appointments made by Gov. Rauner since he took office on Jan. 12.

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Gov. Bruce Rauner1/12/2015
Rauner Signs First Executive Order
On his inauguration day, Gov. Bruce Rauner signs an executive order that requests a freeze of all state discretionary spending, halting the awards of contracts and grants, and instructing the sale of surplus state property. Read the executive order.

Rauner Signs Ethics Executive Order

Gov. Rauner signs an executive order that tightens the ethical requirements of all state employees to ensure they adhere to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and impartiality while working for the people of Illinois. Read the executive order.

Executive Order on Hiring Transparency

Citing the IDOT hiring scandal, Rauner signs an executive order requiring all Rutan-exempt employees be published on the Illinois Transparency and Accountability Portal website. Read the executive order.

More Appointments

Gov. Rauner announces a number of cabinet secretary, agency director and commission appointments.

Pat QuinnRescinding Quinn’s Executive Orders
During his final moments as governor, Pat Quinn issued a series of executive orders (which included raising the minimum wage for state contractors and requiring the governor to make individual income tax returns available for public inspection). Gov. Rauner issued an executive order rescinding Quinn’s executive orders.

Executive Order for Minority and Veteran Empowerment

Gov. Rauner’s latest executive order mandates state agencies to require every labor organization, contractor or subcontractor that is party to a state contract to obtain and report within 30 days the total number of minority and veteran participants in any offered training program as well as the minority and veteran participation rate in said programs. Read the executive order.

“Turnaround Team”

The governor announces his “Turnaround Team,” which includes Donna Arduin, Trey Childress, and Linda Lingle. Read more about the team.

Rauner Announces More Appointments

Gov. Rauner announces a number of cabinet secretary and agency board appointments, which include to the Illinois Department of Labor, Illinois Department of Human Rights, Illinois State Police, Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, and the Illinois Department of Central Management Services.

Rauner Grants Medical Marijuana Licenses

Gov. Bruce Rauner announces a list of companies that will be able to grow and sell medical marijuana.

State of the State Address

Gov. Bruce Rauner delivers the State of the State address, outlining the state’s problems and alluding to the reforms needed to solve those problems.

Executive Order Aimed at Unions

Gov. Rauner signs an executive order that allows workers who choose not to join a union from paying what are called “fair share” fees to fund union activity. Read the executive order.

Executive Order on Criminal Justice Reform

Citing the overcrowding of jails and high cost associated with imprisonment, Gov. Rauner signs an executive order creating a commission that will review the state’s criminal justice and sentencing structure as well as make recommendations for amendments to state law. The commission shall file an initial report of findings and recommendations to the governor by July 1, 2015 and a final report by Dec. 31, 2015. Read the executive order.

Executive Order Focuses on Consolidation, Unfunded Mandates

Gov. Bruce Rauner signs an executive order that creates the Local Government Consolidation and Unfunded Mandates Task Force, which will study issues of local government and school district consolidation and redundancy. The task force will also make recommendations to ensure accountable and efficient government and education. The task force will submit a final report by Dec. 31, 2015. Read the executive order.

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