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The Newberry Consort

For more than 20 years, Chicago’s Newberry Consort has been performing rarities of Renaissance and Medieval music to great acclaim. Much of their music has been found among the treasures of the institution that gave the group its name, The Newberry Library. The Newberry Consort gives us a preview of its upcoming concert featuring music from Poland’s Golden Age, and the co-founders tell us about some amazing discoveries they’ve made rummaging in the vaults of the Newberry Library, on Chicago Tonight at 7:00 pm.

Watch web exclusive performances by the Newberry Consort below.

"Już zima smutna", anonymous, from Martin Łaski’s Of the Tree of Life (c. 1550):

"Oczy me miłe", anonymous, from the Jan of Lublin organ book (c. 1540):