The veto session for the Illinois General Assembly wrapped up with lawmakers approving several pieces of legislation. We discuss the bills that passed both chambers and await the governor’s signature.

Going into the final week of the veto session in Springfield, the big ticket items on the docket were pension reform, same-sex marriage and mandatory minimums. Chicago Sun-Times Springfield Bureau Chief Dave McKinney joins us with the latest details.

Members of the pension committee join us to talk about the likelihood of the state's $97 billion dollar pension problem getting resolved during next week's veto session.

Will the General Assembly solve the $100 billion pension problem? What is happening in the race for Illinois Governor? And, will same-sex marriage pass during the second week of the Veto Session? Carol Marin and her panel of guests break down what’s happening in Springfield.

Illinois is on the way to joining two other states in giving undocumented immigrants driver's licenses. We have the latest on what happened in Springfield.

The Illinois General Assembly meets for day one of the veto session. Did anything get accomplished -- and what's next? We hear from Chicago Sun-Times' Springfield Bureau Chief Dave McKinney.

Illinois Senate President John Cullerton gives us a preview of the veto session in Springfield.

Illinois State Capitol Building

Speeding cameras are among the high-profile items on the docket Wednesday as the fall veto session winds down in Springfield. We have the latest from the capital.

Lawmakers are set to tackle tax breaks and pension reform this week. Chicago Sun-Times Springfield Bureau Chief Dave McKinney joins us for a preview of the fall veto session.

Pension reform has been one of the most contentious issues of the legislative session. Carol Marin and her panel take a closer look at the real cost of public pensions here.

Gov. Pat Quinn

Gov. Pat Quinn lashes out at legislators after his stinging defeat in Springfield over the ComEd bill, and says the people are behind him. Elizabeth Brackett has the story.

Illinois State Capitol Building

Gov. Pat Quinn's "smart grid" veto is overridden. Carol Marin and her panel of lawmakers react to the legislation, and take a look at whether the governor has any political clout left.

John Cullerton

Electricity is the talk in Springfield as the charged battle over the so-called "Smart Grid" bill comes to a head. Carol Marin joins us live from the state capitol, with Senate President John Cullerton, to discuss today's dramatic developments at the veto session.

Carol Marin

Latest on Veto Session

The fall veto session kicked off today in Springfield. With major hits to state labor, the casino bill and potential utility hikes all on the table, lawmakers have their work cut out for them. Carol Marin joins us live from Springfield.