Elena Diadenko, a Ukraine native and longtime Chicago resident, teaches traditional glass painting. (WTTW News)

Longtime Chicago resident Elena Diadenko uses her talents to teach a traditional form of folk art and raise awareness about the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Photographer Brendan Hoffman speaks with WTTW News about his exhibition, “Brotherland: War in Ukraine.”

The young American photographer Brendan Hoffman tells us about his new show at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art.

Inside a new exhibition that looks at the art and legacy of the founding fathers of the museum.

In 1986, Karolina Kowalczyk’s mother was pregnant and living in Poland when the Chernobyl nuclear reactor exploded. Kowalczyk's intricate paper art is now part of an exhibition at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art commemorating the 30-year anniversary of the disaster.

Richard Hunt, 'Thru the Branching,' 1987. (Courtesy of the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art / Flickr.)

After World War II, many artists broke with traditional methods of creative exploration. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago was one place where independent-minded American artists honed their skills. A new exhibition at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art considers some of the artistic voices that rose in Chicago in the 1950s and '60s. Join us for a closer look.

The 90 year-old-artist is perhaps best known as the original art director at Playboy and a champion of young artists. Now his own work is in the spotlight for a new show at a Ukrainian Village gallery.