McDonald's at the London 2012 Summer Olympics. (Phil Richards / Flickr)

Olympic athletes are lovin' McDonald's at the Rio games. That story and more from Crain's Chicago Business.

On a horse farm north of Chicago, a European tradition combines artistry and athletic prowess. We meet some of the star athletes–and the ponies that will someday take their place.

Michael Phelps celebrates after completing the 200-meter butterfly in Rio. (Michael Phelps / Facebook)

Michael Phelps is making a splash at the 2016 Olympics for his performance–and his appearance. A local physical therapist explains why he’s covered with bruises.

(Courtesy of The Benaki Museum)

At the first modern Olympic Games, a group of Americans' unexpected victory is part of the reason why we still celebrate the games today. A new photography exhibit traces the history of the games and explores its 1896 revival.